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Week 21, as far as my 365 project completed today with day 147. Keeping motivated and determined to post a new photo each day is a challenge to say the least, but I have managed it so far. One reason for undertaking such a project was to re-ignite my interest in photography and to see if I could improve. I felt like I had reached a plateau, with no creativity. This project so far heightened my awareness to notice unusual things. Taking good photographs simply won’t happen if you fail to see them in the first place. This isn’t to say that all my photos in the series are ‘good’ in the first place, but you have to start somewhere.

Most Photo 365 projects don’t consist of using an object throughout. So not only is there the difficulty of carrying the camera everywhere I go, I also have a box containing the robot. With the genre being ‘Still life’, there is usually time to set the picture up, but it still requires discipline to do so when I notice an opportunity.

Because of the colour of the robot, black, it is easy for detail to be lost in the shadows. This has encouraged me to see light in a different way, and hopefully make the best of the situation when necessary. This has been made somewhat more difficult because the robot fell over, falling on it’s head. This has had the result that when standing, the head dips forward slightly.

My first 21 weekly favourites can be seen here.

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