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Living with a Fuji X100

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There is little point in producing a technical insight in to the Fuji X100, as these are found everywhere on the internet. I purchased the Fuji X100 Black in June 2012 from a local camera store, Merchant City Cameras in Glasgow, and have been using it ever since. I was after a camera that I could rely on for a quality picture, and one that was discrete enough to use in the street. While the amount of street photography I have done since the purchase has been limited, the photographs I have taken are sharp and clear. Helped by the 35mm equivalent fixed lens, the F2 aperture is brilliant, and suits me down to the ground with it’s shallow depth of field.

The first day out was simply getting fully used to the controls. The camera can be used fully manual, but I nearly always chose to use it in aperture priority mode.


Fuji X100 Example


The picture quality from the Fuji X100 is amazing. It uses a APS-C sized sensor which is the same size as most non-professional DSLRs. This 12 Mega Pixel component produces brilliant low noise images. The metal body of the camera gives a solid feel and gives confidence that you’re not going to break any knob off when adjusting the settings. As with any camera with a non-through the lens viewfinder, there is slight inaccuracies that mean a slight difference to the image in the viewfinder to that recorded. That however is no problem because of the hybrid viewfinder that it is equipped with. Turn this in, and the viewfinder turns in to an electronic viewfinder which is just brilliant.

Using the Fuji X100 is not without it’s problems though. Focusing can be set on manual of auto. However, when the camera is set to ‘manual’ focus, the camera does not display any indication as to which part of the frame is in focus. This leaves it somewhat to guess work and using the Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) to get the picture as sharp as possible. Taking photographs in manual mode mean that you have to rely on Zone focusing. Adjusting the focusing in manual mode is straightforward enough, there is a focusing ring on the lens. That is, if you only wish to adjust the focus quickly within a limited range. To focus from 1m to infinity requires a number of FULL rotations of the focusing ring, and takes time! It is possible to get the camera to focus in automatically in manual mode by pressing the AFL/AEL which is brilliant.

There has been much discusion on the battery, and the battery life. The biggest problem I had was that when in the charger, charging, the ‘Green’ LED is illuminated. When I purchased and charged the battery for the first time, I thought it was fully charged due to the steady green light. The battery let me down after about 50 shutter activations, many with flash. After reading the instructions, I now know that the LED extinguishes when the battery is fully charged. So after buying a second battery, I discovered that the main problem was actually user error.


Fuji X100 Sample 2


Fuji X100 Sample 3

Fuji X100 Sample 4

Fuji X100 Sample 5



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